If you’re an older adult how do you know when it’s time to ask for help? Sometimes it’s a matter of recognizing your abilities and acknowledging your weaknesses. Other times it’s realizing that you’re not an expert in everything which sometimes takes a bit of removing the ego to admit. The truth is that we are all going to need help in our later years. It’s a fact of life that we are born as children and revert to a more helpless state as we work our way toward the other end of life. I, as a child, experienced this with my parents never having any idea when I was growing up that I would be responsible for their care when I was a grown adult. But this experience has increased my understanding that one day I will be as my parents were, needing help with things I accomplished at the speed of light in my younger days. I’d like to think that asking for help at this point in life equates to having amassed the wisdom to know it’s time to ask for help versus the inability to recognize I’m struggling to get through the day.

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