We can never be too educated. Admittedly it’s difficult to be educated on every subject. That’s why there are experts for certain issues: physicians, attorneys, financial planners, dentists etc. Even at this level of education, questions still arise. It’s always good to ask questions even of the experts. How else to become better educated by someone with a high level of education? Look at this relationship as an opportunity to learn more. As I’ve mentioned previously I recently became the State Policy Liaison for the Patient Advocate Foundation. I’m an expert in aging and healthcare but not in politics. One of my role as SPL is to contact government officials to advocate on behalf of the foundation. I called a colleague I know who knows someone else who spends time working with lobbyists in Washington D.C. We’re having lunch in a couple of weeks so that I can learn from an expert and utilize my expertise in navigating health care to support health care issues in the scope of the larger community.

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