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AgingAging is inevitable. Growing up is optional. Take off the rose-colored glasses. Face the future or let your body deteriorate and face physical disability. Want to avoid a nursing home? Beat the system and beat the odds. Exercise, eat well, give up the cigarettes. Plan today for tomorrow. Don’t be naïve. Broaden your knowledge and embracing lifelong learning. Choose to support health and well-being. Train your brain to be positive and your and body to be energetic. Prevention and good habits are not for sissies. Act now to improve quality of life and remain young at heart. Stay young with Pamela.

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Become An Organ DonorMy mother wanted to donate her body to science after her death; she talked about this for years but did nothing to ensure her wish would actually become reality. The thought made me a bit queasy. I didn’t want my mother’s body used for experimental research even though I believe that the spirit goes elsewhere, leaving the body here on earth.

The Value of LifeMartin is dedicated to help his father improve mentally and physically. Henry was an active 93 year old until he had a stroke in August. After hospitalization and a nursing home stay for rehabilitation, Henry returned home at the beginning of December. In spite of having physical and occupational therapy at home, Henry’s health continued to decline. Most of his days were spent lying in bed alone with only occasional human contact from his son trying to sleep for a few hours before returning to work.

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How Are Your Caring For Yourself?As a professional caregiver, who better to understand the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle? What actions are you taking to ensure you will not be a care burden for your family?

Aging- Something To Look Forward ToIn 2017, for the first time in recorded history, the number of individuals on this planet who are 65 years or older is predicted to surpass the number of individuals less than 5 years old.” 1 Like it or not, if you are reading this article you are part of an aging generation. Aging and the associated wrinkles, gray hair and physical decline is viewed by society as negative. None of us want or hope to be “that old person”, yet many of us will be that person, one day.

Achieving Sudden Death Versus a Long and Miserable LifeMy friends and colleagues report a preference for dying “quickly” rather than “lingering” for years with a chronic disease that steals quality of life. My parents expressed the same preference and achieved their desire to go quickly rather than to be sustained by machines or to live a long and painful death. My father went into the hospital for routine surgery and failed to wake up the next morning. My mother, succumbed to sepsis and was gone within a matter of hours. My sister’s death was sudden, the result of a car accident.






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