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Caregiving AdvocacyCaregiving Advocacy – Education for caregivers who may be unfamiliar with aspects of caregiving and healthcare promotes advocacy. Caregivers and those needing care often feel vulnerable to organizations or systems of which they have little knowledge. This vulnerability places caregivers, those needing care and their families at risk of receiving substandard care or of making poor decisions due to lack of information. Make sure you and your loved one receive care that’s beneficial and needed.

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Get involved

I recently received a telephone call from the housekeeper of a woman named Shirley.  She called, frantic because Shirley was starving herself — she wanted to die.  After speaking with the housekeeper, I learned that there was a neighbor who had taken on the task of helping Shirley on a regular basis because there was no immediate family in town.

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the squeaky wheel

You know yourself and perhaps the family member you care for better than anyone else.  Where there are instances where health just doesn’t seem to be improving or something just doesn’t seem right, sometimes you must be the “squeaky wheel” and learn to advocate.

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admitting what you dont know is ok

Health care providers avoid uncomfortable discussions.  For caregivers, not asking the right questions, leads to faulty results.   Watch Pamela’s video by joining and clicking the link below.

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medications and the mature adult

Many adults I work with complain about the quantity of medications their physicians prescribe.  Admittedly, many take five to ten different medications on any given day.  Many previously healthy individuals now diagnosed with a chronic disease requiring medications say they do not want to take pills or become “pill poppers”… Read the rest of the article by joining and clicking the link below.

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elizabeth hughes and the story of insulin

Interview With Thea Cooper, Author and Historian (podcast 11:12 playing time).  Listen to the podcast by joining and clicking the link below.

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Caregiving Battles Sibling Relationships

How many of you, when young, vied for the attention of your parents? How many of you today, feel that your parents have “favorites” among their children. These early differences between children and perceptions of parental favorites carry on in later life when parents need the support of adult children in caregiving situations.

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