I was running an errand for a client the other day. Her watch battery and the battery of a clock had stopped running so I went to a high quality jewelry store to have the batteries replaced. This particular day I felt great. I had several meetings in the morning and I was dressed in a black suit and felt and looked like a million dollars. I went into the jewelry store and was greeted and confidently greeted the gentleman back. I let him know what I needed and received prompt service. During the time I was waiting for the watch batteries I wandered through the store looking through the glass cases at fantastic pieces of jewelry. When the gentleman doing the battery replacement was finished I asked him the charge.  He replied, “There is no charge today, but when you’re looking for jewelry come back and see us.” I graciously thanked him and walked out of the store. I wondered if this good fortune resulted because I was helping a client or if it was just a good karma day, or if it had anything to do with the way I was dressed or the confidence in my step. Whatever the cause, it didn’t matter. The man at the jewelry store made me feel good and I was thankful for his consideration. It’s amazing how a small act of kindness by strangers can turn an ordinary day into a spectacular day.

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