How many times have you been solicited for AD&D insurance, otherwise called Accidental Death and Dismemberment? I myself have been offered this type of insurance through employers and other associations and can tell you that I subscribed because it seemed like a good idea.  After becoming more educated, I can tell you there are two camps.  One that will advise that AD&D policies are so restrictive in what they pay that it’s not worth your money. The other will tell you that if you travel it’s a good idea to purchase travel accident insurance which is a type of AD&D.  To give you an idea of exclusions under this type of policy, accidents or injuries sustained while under the influence of drugs or alcohol are excluded as are occupational related injuries.  Loss of limbs fall under very specific restrictions such as loss of a hand must occur above the wrist or loss of an arm above the elbow.  If you are really interested in this type of policy, talk to an agent as there may be better options for you that are life insurance related or accident insurance provided by insurers such as AFLAC that pay flat rates for different type of accidents or injuries.  Becoming better educated will put the dollars you allocate to insurance in the best plan for you.

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