Carrying over from yesterday, families must learn to advocate for their family members in nursing homes, and, individuals who have no one to advocate for them, if finances permit, should hire an advocate or care navigator. Many people don’t want to complain about receiving substandard care or waiting an hour for staff to respond to their call button. One of my clients wanted to take a shower more than the obligatory two times a week that her nursing home offered. She also wanted to use the toilet rather than soiling herself, but it sometimes took the nursing home staff 45 minutes or longer to get to her and by then it was too late. After conversations with facility staff and little response, we discussed this request and several others with the executive director of the facility and the long term care ombudsman (see tomorrow’s post). Since this time, many issues have improved, however my client “feels bad” that she got some of the nursing assistants in trouble and several of the nursing assistants actually confronted her. My client feels as if they will be glad when she leaves.

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