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I’m Pamela D. Wilson, caregiving expert, advocate, and speaker. I help caregivers manage the emotional turmoil of caregiving situations by setting boundaries to protect emotional and physical health, by learning to navigate unknown and unexpected situations, and by building care partner relationships. I help care recipients take responsibility and accountability for their care needs. No caregiver or care receiver should depend on family to be the sole support through health crises or the changes that occur with aging. I work with caregivers and care receivers to accomplish these goals by learning to communicate effectively, by learning to advocate, by being open to considering new information, and by acknowledging and accepting the perspectives of others.

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The Caregiving Trap: Solutions for Life’s Unexpected Changes®

Pamela’s book supports conversations of care that emphasize choice, planning and balance in family caregiving relationships.

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Welcome to The Caring Generation®, a community of support for family and professional caregivers. Many caregivers feel alone in their journey; if you identify with any of the statements below, you’re in exactly the right place to find support and guidance.

“I feel guilty and angry. There are times when I don’t know what to do. I find it difficult to say no. Family members refuse to help. I am trapped caregiving for a parent for whom I have no emotional connection. My physical and emotional health is near breakdown. I have lost friends. I love my husband (or wife) but this is not the retirement I expected; I can’t be a caregiver anymore. The healthcare system is broken; for many it’s just a job and no one cares. Neglect and ignorance result in death. Information is fragmented. I was too naïve to recognize the self-interest and unethical practices until it was too late. Most of us don’t know where to turn for help. What do you mean Medicare doesn’t pay? I didn’t know what I didn’t know; ignorance is dangerous.”

Pamela D Wilson The Caring GenerationFamily and Professional Caregiving Relationships Improved by Education

If you are a caregiver, the reality is that there are more questions than answers. Many families and individuals make poor choices because of being uninformed or uneducated. Navigating caregiving and the healthcare system is complicated. Becoming more educated about your options will save mistakes, time, effort and money. While you may feel overwhelmed, one path to reduce or eliminate overwhelm is to become educated about your options. Learn more about the value of membership.

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eat-your-cookies“Eat Your Cookies”

David Drummond was just 33 years old when he was involved in a tragic accident. Through the assistance of David’s physician, Dr. Richard Martinez, David shares his story with the world. David’s story helps us realize that any of us may be physically injured in an accident. His warmth and unique insight into the appreciation of life will warm your heart and help you realize the importance of documenting your wishes relative to care and treatment.

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